The Patriot 2000

After proving himself on the field of battle in the French and Indian War, Benjamin Martin wants nothing more to do with such things, preferring the simple life of a farmer. But when his son Gabriel enlists in the army to defend their new nation, America, against the British, Benjamin reluctantly returns to his old life to protect his son.

The Patriot 1998

A deadly virus threatens to wipe out an entire Rocky Mountain town, leaving the town doctor to find some way to escape the soldiers who enforce the town's quarantine and devise an antidote. Matters take a more deadly turn after the physician is captured by a dangerously unstable band of militia extremists.

The Patriot 1986

Agent tries to track down terrorists who are intercepting government nuclear weapons.

The Patriot Game 1979

The film's introduction covers Ireland's history from British colonization to the territory's division in 1922. THE PATRIOT GAME then details the events of the decade that began in 1968. Through powerful portraits of rebellion and eyewitness accounts of killings and such massacres as the infamous "Bloody Sunday," the film shows the IRA at work - much of it filmed clandestinely - as they argue their cause which, in this country and in most of the world, has gone unheard.

The Patriot 1928

In 18th-Century Russia, the Czar, Paul, is surrounded by murderous plots and trusts only Count Pahlen. Pahlen wishes to protect his friend, the mad king, but because of the horror of the king's acts, he feels that he must remove him from the throne.

The Little Patriot 1995

Join in one boy's heroic adventure as he fights in the struggle for freedom on the American frontier. James Todd is a young boy growing up in the hostile American wilderness-a rugged and dangerous land also inhabited by the American Indians. His peaceful life is shattered when the treacherous British troops suddenly storm through the countryside in an attempt to crush the American Revolution. During the battle for freedom, James is ruthlessly captured and held prisoner in the enemy fort by the brutal Major Smythe. But his bravery seems without limits as an unlikely and legendary alliance is forged with the neighboring Indians in a bold and fearless rescue effort. It is a rugged and wondrous adventure which culminates as the fortress is infiltrated and James narrowly escapes to lead the spirited fight against the British Red Coats.

The Patriot 1998

NATO prepares a global plan as a protection of Central Europe, which is why they set up an aerial defense system in Slovenia named as The Patriot. International terrorist organization attempts to destroy it together with the nuclear power plant. An ex-criminal who's in charge of The Patriot, tries to prevent this catastrophe and also stop the internal enemies.

The Patriot 1998

Policarpo is a chauvinistic patriot, a major who tries to find solutions for Brazilian problems using only the resources of his own country. His visionary and idealistic temperament is behind his strange ideas about how to build a great nation.

The Patriot 2018

At the age of 21, Vasily Vlasov became the youngest parliamentarian in the Russian Duma. Given his abundant confidence and self-assured manner, he could have been a refreshing new voice.

The Little Patriot From Padua 1915

On a ship bound for Genoa there is a boy in rags is a small Padua, who was sold by his parents to a company of acrobats and had been forced, in order to feed themselves, to do all the work in the circus. Now, escaped during a stopover in Barcelona, ​​the Italian consul had returned. Pity and even curious, some foreign travelers have the boy, who retired in his bunk, he dreams of a decent meal, a new jacket and bring the rest of the money to parents so poor that it had to sell. But when by chance he feels that those travelers, chatting with each other, gossiping about Italy and the Italians, do not hesitate to throw my money in my face, shouting not to accept alms from those who insults my country.

The Patriot Yue Fei

The Patriot Yue Fei is a Chinese television series based on the life of Yue Fei, a Song Dynasty general widely regarded as a patriot and national hero in Chinese culture for his role during the Jurchen campaigns against the Song Dynasty. While the plot is based on historical sources, it also includes elements of fiction and draws ideas from the novel Shuo Yue Quanzhuan and other folktales on the general's life. Filming started in 2011. It is the first Chinese historical television series to be broadcast on HBO. Huang Xiaoming stars as the titular character, and the supporting cast includes Gallen Lo, Shao Bing, Yu Rongguang, Allen Ting, Zhou Bin, Steve Yoo, Ruby Lin, and Cecilia Liu. The first episode premiered on 4 July 2013.

The Loyalty of Yue Fei 2013

Yue Fei rose from lowly ranks to become a famous military commander who led the defense of Southern Song against northern Jin invaders before being wrongfully put to death by his own government. In Chinese culture even to this day, General Yue Fei's name is synonymous with the word "loyalty." While the plot is based on historical sources, it also includes elements of fiction and draws ideas from the novel Shuo Yue Quanzhuan (說岳全傳) and other folk tales on the general's life.

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