4:3 2019

Separate projections combine, unifying, becoming whole. Twelve animated projections combine to develop a rhythmic dialogue exploring the intrinsic relationship between sound and image using 16mm film, paint and a projector. Responding to a hand-drawn soundtrack, each projection is individually created by painting and scratching directly on 16mm film stock.

4 Fragments 1969

Sequence digitally photographed and animated by Pamela Turner in 2009 from Beckett's original drawings; these untitled images may have been intended for use in Life in the Atom. Also included, Every Other, is a unique version of an animated "exquisite corpse" and is a delightful study of the two artists' drawings. Beckett and Kathy Rose took turns contributing segments to a sequence, each animating 24 frames, passing their final image to the other to continue. These 336 were discovered amongst Beckett's many drawings and were digitally recorded by his biographer, Pamela Turner, in 2010. - Pamela Turner


Mania Akbari’s second feature 10+4 reproduces the situation and, at least initially, the form – a blurring of the line between documentary and fiction – of Abbas Kiarostami’s 2002 feature Ten, in which Akbari played the protagonist. It opens on the same set-up as Ten, in which Akbari and her then ten-year-old son Amin Maher bicker in the car. Cut to the present; both mother and son are in the same position in the car continuing their argument, but with a twist – Akbari is now directing herself as lead, and engaged in a fight against breast cancer that will end with her having a double mastectomy. She is thirty years old.

Faust 4 1989

Music by Rick Corrigan. This is the imaged thought process of young Faust escaping the unbearable pictures of his broken romantic idyll, mentally fleeing the particulars of his dramatized "love," Faust's mind ranging the geography of his upbringing and its structures of cultural hubris – the whole nervous system "going to ground" and finally "becoming one" with the hypnagogically visible cells of his receptive sight and inner cognition ... all that I could give him of Heaven in this current visualization of these ancient themes. Films

Contestant #4 2016

A young boy frequently visits an old man who lives alone, keeping him always in good company. One night, he chances upon the old man watching a dated clip of himself as a cross-dressing boy. This sparks within the young boy an interest to find out more about the old man's past. What he ultimately discovers aids both him and the old man towards a richer understanding of how the weight of life and identity should be carried.

4 Weeks 2009

How long after a breakup can you bare to see your ex with someone new? Especially if that someone is a bald Italian.


"4:00am" tells the story of Doug; a socially reclusive 25 year old who makes a promise to his best friend Juniper, to stay the whole night at his first party. A "Legendary" Cooper party, no less. When events conspire to leave him abandoned there, the night begins to unravel into one that could change him forever...

Documenta 4 1968

Held in Kassel between June and October 1968, documenta 4—the last to be directed by Arnold Bode—was plagued by controversy and debate: artistic, political, generational, and aesthetic conflicts, as well as tensions between European and American art were some of the issues that affected this edition, echoing the social and political upheavals that were taking place elsewhere at the same time. The film reflects this effervescence, giving voice to the artists, curators, and audience, but also offers a unique approach to an exhibition in progress. We watch Sol LeWitt constructing Three-Part Variations; Joseph Beuys installing Raumplastik; Martial Raysse talking about the role of the artist; Harald Szeemann defending the concept of the museum; and Edward Kienholz explaining his work from inside his Roxys installation, among many others.


RECKONING 4 reflects on toxic masculinity and the dystopia of simulation. If you walk too close to the GTAV cop, he guns you down. You can pose your MGSV character in quasi-sexual positions with other soldiers, but you must first knock them out. “I get what I what, when I want it” says the billionaire to his wife. “I need something more, but what else is there?”

4 Corners

Consisting of 5 vignettes, each loosely based on gang killings committed in Chicago’s East Rogers Park neighborhood, 4 Corners examines gun violence exacting attention and a minimalist eye.

Dhoom 4

The 4th installment of the Dhoom franchise.

Room 4 2011

Three friends go on a mission to find out the answer to a question.

4 Self 2016

Mijin Kim and Minkyou Yoo made a performance with dance, music and video that Inspired by "johari window”. Mijin Kim (choreographer) wanted to show a topic allow her to experience through this work that would the identity crisis that occurs when communicating with others

Cámara 4 2011

Film students on a point-n-shoot field trip to a local nature preserve are all disappearing from the group one or two at a time. Most peculiar.

4 Psycho

When the world is sick. Humanity is like a cancer that is destroying the world. But what will happen? Even if some teenagers think they have found the way to save their world by a way that no-one over expected.

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