Eddie Murphy Raw 1987

Eddie Murphy delights, shocks and entertains with dead-on celebrity impersonations, observations on '80s love, sex and marriage, a remembrance of Mom's hamburgers and much more.

Eddie Murphy: Delirious 1983

Taped live and in concert at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. in August, 1983, Eddie Murphy: Delirious captures Eddie Murphy's wild and outrageous stand-up comedy act, which he performed in New York and eighteen other cities across the U.S. to standing-room-only audiences. Eddie's comedy was groundbreaking, completely new, razor sharp and definitely funny.Eddie Murphy pontificates in his own vulgarly hilarious fashion on everything from bizarre sexual fantasies to reliving the family barbecue, and is peppered with Eddie's one-of-a-kind wit. Laugh along as Eddie reminiscences of hot childhood days and the ice cream man intermixed with classic vocal parodies of top American entertainers.Experience Eddie Murphy at his best, live and red hot! Delirious! Uncensored and Uncut!

Murphy's Law 1986

A tough police detective escapes from custody handcuffed to a foul-mouthed car thief after being framed for the murder of his ex-wife. He must now find the real killer and prove his innocence.

The Brittany Murphy Story 2014

A look at Brittany Murphy's rise to Hollywood fame in the 1990s, her struggles with celebrity and self-esteem, and her mysterious death in 2009 at the age of 32.

Eddie Murphy: One Night Only 2012

Eddie Murphy: One Night Only will pay homage to Murphy's journey from a 15-year-old aspiring comedian, to the record-breaking Raw, which remains the highest grossing stand-up film of all time, to his indelible characters and impressions from Saturday Night Live including Buckwheat, Gumby, Mr. Robinson and James Brown. Written by Spike TV

La loi de Murphy 2009

La loi de Murphy est un principe empirique énonçant que " si quelque chose peut mal tourner, alors cette chose finira infailliblement par mal tourner ". La loi de Murphy est donc une variante de la loi de l'emmerdement maximum qui veut qu'une tartine tombe toujours du côté de la confiture... Après quatre ans de prison, Elias effectue sa réinsertion dans un hôpital. Il travaille comme brancardier. Dans cinq heures, sa conditionnelle arrivera à terme. Il pourra prendre un nouveau départ et tirer un trait sur le passé. Mais voilà, c'est sans compter sur La loi de Murphy et sa jolie brochette d'emmerdements maximums.

Murphy's War 1971

Murphy is the sole survivor of his crew, that has been massacred by a German U-Boat in the closing days of World War II. He is rescued, and ends up at a forgotten mission station near the mouth of the Orinoco, and begins to plot his vengeance. He wishes to sink the U-Boat by means of any method imaginable to him, and sets about to make the courageous attempt, assisted by Louis, the local oil company Administrator.

Murphy's Romance 1985

Emma is a divorced woman with a teen aged boy who moves into a small town and tries to make a go of a horse ranch. Murphy is the town druggist who steers business her way. Things are going along predictably until her ex husband shows up, needing a place to stay. The three of them form an intricate circle, Emma's son liking Murphy, but desperately wanting his father back.

The Hornbacker-Murphy Fight 1894

A referee and five fans (including a waiter in his apron) look on as two young men box. The dark-haired, slightly taller boxer throws a right and the light-haired smaller one goes down; but he's up before the referee starts counting. After the knockdown, the boxers mostly hit each other's gloves. The fans, at least one of whom is sitting inside the ring, show no animation. They're all men, dressed in a range of late 19th-century garb.

Morgan Murphy: Irish Goodbye 2014

Funnywoman Morgan Murphy always targets herself first, but doesn't hesitate to bring down everyone else, from Planned Parenthood to teen sexters. Recorded at The Nerdmelt Showroom in Los Angeles.

Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize 2010

Charlie Murphy: I Will Not Apologize is a live stand-up performance by Murphy in Boston. During his 1-hour set, Charlie covers a spectrum of topics, such as a discussing the male ego as well as a politically incorrect bit about people, including a certain former president of the United States, that he believes are "functionally retarded." He also does an amusing re-enactment of some scenes from 300. Murphy goes on to criticize the usual rehabilitation treatments ensuing from celebrity meltdowns (e.g., Mel Gibson and Michael Richards), arguing that an experience with Jigsaw from Saw is the only way to cure these people of their prejudices. Sticking with celebrities, he claims that Britney Spears's strange behaviour in 2007-08 was caused by her being possessed by the spirit of Rick James. In addition, Charlie hits on reality television, making fun of the courage (or lack thereof) of Dog the Bounty Hunter as well as an obsession with The Dog Whisperer.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy 1998

Before he was The Nutty Professor, before he was Dr. Dolittle, and even before he was the Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy was an SNL comic! From 1981-1984 he entertained us with sketches as Gumby, Mister Robinson, Buckwheat, Velvet Jones and many more! He was before Chris Rock, Tracey Morgan, and Tim Meadows! And after Garrett Morris!

Sergeant Murphy 1938

An Army private (Ronald Reagan) proves his horse is fit for service and wins his colonel's (Donald Crisp) daughter (Mary Maguire).

The Search for Bridey Murphy 1956

After being shown what hypnotism can do, a Doctor sets out to study it in depth. When experimenting on his friend's wife, she regresses back to an earlier life- that of Bridey Murphy. Several hypnotic sessions explore the life and death of Murphy, a 19th Century Irish lady who lived in Cork and Belfast from 1798 to 1864. The Doctor then attempts to verify if Bridey Murphy really existed.

William Murphy: The William Murphy Project... All Day 2005

Renowned minister William H. Murphy III presents a diverse and compelling variety of gospel sounds in this performance video. The William Murphy Project...All Day features an inspired team of singers and musicians offering their praise for the Lord on 11 exciting songs. Selections include "Be Strong" (featuring Bishop William H. Murphy Jr.), "Crazy Praise" (featuring DeVaughn Murphy and DeJaughn Murphy of Rock Nation), "One Pure and Holy Passion," "I Know Why I Am Here," "Created to Worship," and more.

Sailor Izzy Murphy 1927

Izzy Murphy is a street vendor of scents that falls in love with the beautiful woman (Audrey Ferris) whose picture adorns the perfume bottle he sells. After resourcefully tracing the beauty (whose father(Warner Oland) manufactures the perfume) to a luxury yacht, he finds himself in the company of an escaped lunatic John Miljan) who has vowed to murder the perfume manufacturer in retaliation for all the flowers that have been lost in the making of the perfume.

Private Izzy Murphy 1926

Isadore "Izzy" Goldberg changes his name to I. Patrick Murphy because his store is in an Irish-neighborhood in New York City. He meets Eileen Cohannigan, the daughter of a meat-packer, and he tells her he is Irish and a romance begins. When America enters World War I, "Izzy" enlists, is sent to France, and is wounded while engaged in a heroic rescue during a big battle. While recovering in an overseas hospital, he writes Eileen and tells her he is Jewish and not Irish. Returning home, he is parading with his regiment and he sees Eileen with Robert O'Malley, his old rival. He thinks she has thrown him over because he is Jewish. An Irish lodge comes to bestow an honor on the man they think is Patrick Murphy, an Irish hero. But O'Malley tells them his real name is Goldberg. But Eileen tels him it is he she loves, and they head for the marriage-license bureau.

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