American Shaolin 1991

After being humiliated in the ring by a dirty kickboxer who pulled down his shorts and then hit him, a martial arts master decides to travel to China and enter a monastery where he may learn the Shaolin form of fighting. The film then veers into "Karate Kid" territory where the novice humiliates himself at every turn, is tolerated as a foreigner, and still comes out a champion. The monastery teaches non-violence, but everyone knows that sooner or later the student will catch up with the bad guy.

Man from Shaolin 2012

32nd generation Chinese Shaolin Fighting Monk Li Bao Xin must immigrate to New York City to look after young Janie, his six-year-old niece. Struggling to make a new life, Li Bao will face challenges that test his character more than his physical strength. Through it all, his mind remains filled with the heroic stories of the Shaolin Temple, a great tradition that defines him, but also makes his assimilation to western culture more difficult. While in China he was a venerated master, in America he is nobody. To make a life for him and Janie, Li Bao must contend with a modern society, where his great fighting skills and heroic lineage have little meaning. He will have to decide which is more important, his dreams or his family.

Shaolin Warrior 2013

Trying to escape a criminal past, one man attempts to join the ranks of the Shaolin Warriors, but is denied. Having impressed the King with his dedication, he is hired as a temple groundskeeper. Working on the temple grounds during the day and mastering Kung Fu at night, he prepares for a second chance at becoming a warrior. His test comes sooner than expected, when his King's enemy declares war, leaving him alone to defend the temple.

Shaolin Iron Finger 1977

Martial arts superstar Carter Wong portrays a revolutionary who is an expert in the Iron Finger style of kung fu. When his mother is kidnapped, he is forced by his enemy James Tien to destroy a group of subversive warlords, including renegade monk Kam Kong and five element venom man Ricky Cheng. Non-stop, no-holds-barred fight action make this a must for any fan of the martial arts.

Shaolin: Wheel of Life 2001

Have you ever done a handstand... on the tips of your index fingers? How about snapping iron bars over your head as if they were bread-sticks? You'll witness these amazing feats and much more in this astonishing London performance of China's legendary Shaolin monks. In perfecting their martial arts prowess, these devoted Buddhists have honed their physical and mental disciplines to such an uncommon degree that their movements seem almost supernaturally powerful. From the athletic contortions of a young acolyte to an older monk being hoisted aloft on the points of sharpened spears, these men and boys have conquered and crossed boundaries of control that would strike most outsiders as impossible if it weren't for their living proof. In demonstrating these and other kung fu skills, the Shaolin also enact their history as an enduring order, providing a theatrical narrative that's literally breathtaking.

Shaolin Incredible Ten 1982

Valuable scriptures are stolen from the Shaolin Buddist Temple by Eagle Han after he had carried out his orders from the Imperial Court and assasinated the Abbott of Shaolin. A strong force of beautiful oriental girls is assembled to get the scriptures back

Dragon from Shaolin 1996

A youthful Shaolin initiate inadvertenly separated from the rest of gang joins forces with dashing adventurer (Biao) on a request to protect a priceless artifact from his greedy brother.

Rotten Shaolin Zombies 2004

AN EPIC TALE OF BROTHERLY LOVE, BAD SUSHI & ASS-KICKING ZOMBIES... Two brothers, the best of friends, devout martial artists, inseparable. One fateful sushi dinner would forever change the nature of their relationship and send them on a crash course to death and destruction. Thinking his dear brother has been killed by the toxic venom of the dirty lungfish that tore out his eye, Lone Brother trudges through life, wondering how he will ever be able to continue on all alone. Little does he know his brother has returned to walk the earth as the undead, pissed off and craving human flesh. The stage is set for an epic battle where brother must face brother, zombie versus the living, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance!

Shaolin Dolemite 1999

The film was created by re-dubbing footage filmed for the 1986 Taiwanese kung fu film Ren zhe da (known in English as Ninja: The Final Duel). Ren zhe da producer Robert Tai had reportedly filmed 10 hours of footage for the film that was cut to 90 minutes for release. Much of the footage that was not included in the release of Ren zhe da is included in Shaolin Dolemite as well as original footage of Moore observing the story of the film and making obscenity-laced comments. Other new footage includes a segment portraying Moore's long time friend Jimmy Lynch as a Drunken Master named Sam the Spliff.

Shaolin Disciple 1986

Constable Chan was able to fulfill his lifelong goal of catching the notorious bandit before his retirement. However, Tiger escaped from jail soon after and killed Constable Chan. To revenge his father's death, Chan's son turns to Shaolin monks for help, so he can fight against Tiger and his mysterious, masked accomplice. SHAOLIN DISCIPLE is a wall to wall kung fu fighting with a shocking climax

Shaolin vs. Manchu 1984

The Manchu are out to destroy the Shaolin's temple and their way of life. The Shaolin master has just chosen his successor to be Rocky, a young Shaolin monk awaiting enlightenment. However, Rocky falls into an evil plot set up by the Manchu, and now he must fight to save the temple and preserve the Shaolin Buddhist way of life!

Shaolin Chamber of Death 1976

Little Mute (Jackie Chan) attempts to learn martial arts skills in the Shaolin Temple, in order to avenge the death of his father. However, to get out he must survive the Shaolin Chamber of Death, which has claimed the lives of many before him.

Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick 1982

The daughter of a restaurant owner gets kidnapped. The water boy (who's almost a girl because his wee-wee was chopped off) want to free her. But therefor he first has to become a real man with real kung fu skills. So he starts training with an old guy

Secrets of Shaolin with Jason Scott Lee 2012

Hollywood actor Jason Scott Lee, actor in The Bruce Lee Story and himself an expert developed by Bruce Lee's fighting style "Jeet Kune Do" fulfilled his lifelong dream: In an intensive two-week Kung Fu boot camp, Jason is in the centuries introduced ancient secrets of Shaolin Kung Fu. Bei Shi Yongxin, the highest monk of Chinese Kung Fu Temple, learns Jason how the human body into the ultimate martial arts weapon you transformiert.Erleben highest martial arts, combined with mental abilities, according to the traditional teaching of Zen Buddhism, through which generations of fans around the world were inspired. Using the latest 3D technology combined with high-speed mobile 3D slow motion hand-held cameras for the first time it was possible to capture breathtaking images in Kung Fu and its full dynamic range.

Deadly Shaolin Longfist 1982

Chan Ta is a local businessman who's sure he'll hit pay dirt and make millions someday and he is working extremely hard to become a success, but his dedication elicits the envy of others.

Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin 1978

Carter Wong stars in this Hong Kong classic as a powerful martial artist who must protect an old man and his daughter from a snake god who possesses deadly kung fu skills.

Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu 1977

Japanese forces in Shanghai attempt to destroy the patriotic spirit of the Chinese by closing down all Kung Fu gyms. Chang Ling (Bruce Le), a top Chinese Kung Fu practitioner, is forced to flee to Korea. The Japanese forces pursue him there, and so Chang Ling fights back, defeating many Japanese fighters before finally encountering the Japanese commander.

Secret Of Shaolin Kung Fu 1979

Beggars are being killed left and right to get their old leader to come out of hiding and face an old enemy. Meanwhile, young Wu Han Wei is being instructed by his blind grandfather to learn all six styles of the Butterfly technique. But when an old crazy beggar befriends the young student, his fate turns out to be intertwined with that of the fearsome Lu Din, a man with no arms or legs.

Shaolin Wuzang 2006

Set in Ancient China, three teenagers are admitted into the most prestigious school of kung fu: the Temple of Shaolin. But they don't know that they are the reincarnation of three Shaolin monks who a thousand years earlier gave their life to neutralize the worst demon. This demon is back now and our three heroes will have to destroy it while initiating themselves with the art of kung fu.

The Shaolin Warriors

The Shaolin Warriors is a Chinese television series directed by Raymond Lee and starring Sammo Hung, Cui Lin, Christopher Lee, Li Man, Sammy Hung, Cui Peng, Liu Ying and Jeanette Aw. The series was first broadcast in November 2008 on CCTV-8 in mainland China. It is the first wuxia drama to filmed in direct collaboration with the world-famous Shaolin Temple and features some rarely seen martial arts techniques.

Shaolin scripture library 2014

Bing Xu Chao Xu Zihao Kyoto is the son of a Ming dynasty emperor childhood playmates. Because Xu Zihao father Xu Chao Ming has been in the maintenance of large classes, and accumulate their hatred traitor Wang, Wang Xu Chao framed their collusion pirates will Manmenchaozhan Xu Chao, Xu Zihao escaped and was rescued by Shaolin monks.

Shaolin King of Martial Arts

Shaolin King of Martial Arts is a 2002 Chinese wuxia television series directed by Chang Hsin-yen, Liu Jiacheng, and Wu Chia-tai. It starred Wu Jing, Yaqi, Chunyu Shanshan, Gao Haiyan, Huang Yi, Yu Chenghui, Ji Chunhua, Yu Hai and Xu Xiangdong in the leading roles.

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