Scarecrow 1973

Two drifters bum around, visit earthy women and discuss opening a car wash in Pittsburgh.

Scarecrow 2013

For generations, it was an urban legend that lived in the nightmares of children. Now, the season to rejuvenate the tale will revive a town's darkest fears. With the Scarecrow Festival on the horizon, school teacher Aaron Harris is doling out punishment for six students serving detention. Their task: help Aaron's girlfriend Amanda fix her family farm before it's sold. But the cornfields circling the farm come with a legend and Tyler takes macabre delight in recounting the tale: It never sleeps, it never dies, it can't be stopped, hear their cries.

The Scarecrow 1920

Buster competes with another farmhand for the love of the farmer's daughter.

The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow 2009

The family man farmer John Rollins is stressed with his financial situation: the crows and the lack of irrigation are destroying his crop of corn; the bank is near closure of his mortgage; he does not have credit to fix the water pump or to buy seeds; and his marriage is in crisis and his wife Mary is giving too much attention to her friend Tommy. When John accidentally discovers a hidden compartment in the barn, he finds a creepy scarecrow but his son Michael makes him promise to destroy it. However, his neighbor Jude Weatherby visits him, gives a six-pack of beer to the abstemious John and convinces him to put the scarecrow in the cornfield. Out of the blue, the life of John changes: the crows die; the pump works again irrigating the land; and the banker responsible for the closure has an accident and dies. However, he feels that his land is possessed by something evil that is threatening his beloved family.

Scarecrow 2002

A high school outcast who lives in a trailer with his mother finally meets a friend. He wants to ask her if they can go the next step, but then sees her kissing another boy at a party. He runs home only to find his mother having sex with a drunk. He starts yelling, but is countered by the drunk when he suffocates him and makes him look like he hung himself. The scarecrow comes in when the boy's soul is pushed into it. He goes out for revenge.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow 1981

Bubba, an intellectually disabled man, is falsely accused of attacking a young girl. Disguised as a scarecrow, he hides in a cornfield, only to be hunted down and shot by four vigilante men. After they are acquitted due to lack of evidence, the men find themselves being stalked by a mysterious scarecrow.

Scarecrow 2015

The search for a missing watch instigates the painful quest for the truth in Belyn’s and her son’s life.

Scarecrow 2011

A girl who is at beginning of her 20's, imputes the fear, which her husband has made on her, to a scarecrow after her husband's death. Although being alone, she still tries to leave the feeling as if he is still in the middle of her life as a scarecrow.

Scarecrow 2012

The rice fields become the battlefield for man and bird in their daily struggle for food. The human scarecrow is a rare profession found in the rice fields of the Mexican state of Morelos. With playful puns, a war cry and the crack of a whip to keep the crows at bay, they transport us into an archaic and almost surreal world as they fight against birds, nature and the progress that threatens their very existence.

Scarecrow 2014

In this early exercise work of the director, three vignettes get intertwined within space and time. Often raw, often illusory, each vignette focuses on different surfaces of existential crisis of seemingly different characters. But, are they really different at all?

Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow 1963

This Disney drama, originally broadcast as a three-part TV episode, tells the story of a vicar's double life. Outwardly, he is the model of upstanding citizenship and loyalty to an oppressive British government. But he is also a notorious smuggler who uses his ill-gotten gains to benefit his impoverished village.

Scarecrow 1984

A twelve years old girl Lena who has come to live with her grandfather in a small Russian town is being bullied by her classmates. She took the rap of being a class traitor because she was in love with the boy who had betrayed his classmates when they were bunking off and going to cinema instead of a literature lesson. The class is penalized for that, not being allowed to go to Moscow for fall holidays with the rest of the school. Lena is being ostracized, "boycotted" however not telling the truth, waiting that the boy himself would confess to be guilty.

Night of the Scarecrow 1995

A group of drunk teenagers accidently set free the spirit of a warlock, which possesses a scarecrow. The scarecrow goes on a bloody rampage killing the descendents of the men who had killed the warlock a century before. A newcomer and the daughter of the mayor try to stop it before it is too late and the warlock can reincarnate...

Scarecrow Gone Wild 2004

College mischief spins out of control unleashing a horrifying scarecrow who terrorizes a resort town during Spring Break.

The Scarecrow 1982

The same night as a girl is slain in the woods, the teenagers Sam and Les are robbed of all of their hard earned hens. In the quest for their hens they cross the murderer's path.

The Scarecrow 1921

A drunken gardener is challenged to a poker match by agents of the Devil; replete with location shots in Hades of the Devil giving orders to his agents on Earth.

The Scarecrow 2000

Animated musical fantasy about a scarecrow that saves an orphaned girl from the evil clutches of a maniacal count. Brought to life through magic and love, and aided by his two sidekicks -- a cantankerous mouse and a flying broom -- he's willing to sacrifice everything to win her freedom.

Scarecrow and Mrs. King 1983

Scarecrow and Mrs. King is an American television series that aired from October 3, 1983, to May 28, 1987 on CBS. The show stars Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner as divorced housewife Amanda King and top-level "Agency" operative Lee Stetson who begin a strange association, and eventual romance, after encountering one another in a train station.

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