Mohammed 2014

12-year-old Adam finds his 31-year old, superhero obsessed brother with learning difficulties a nightmare - until he sees a chance to use him to gain friends.

Karim Mohammed 2018

Hamid (Yashpal Sharma) is a righteous man, who despises anyone who poses a threat to his Bakarwal community (a nomadic tribe residing in upper Kashmir, mainly working as goatherds and shepherds) and the country in general. But all hell breaks loose when one of his own succumbs to pressure from a bunch of terrorists.

Donald Mohammed Trump 2016

Ten minutes before a Republican rally, A bullish Campaign Manager along with his backstage staff frantically work to fix the problem facing them...their leader Donald Trump has mysteriously become a man of Middle Eastern appearance.

Mohammed to Maya 2012

MOHAMMED TO MAYA is a documentary feature that examines the spiritual and emotional side of sex change through the story of a devout Muslim from India (Maya Jafer), who was persecuted by her orthodox Muslim family and religious community for deciding to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. Filmmaker Jeff Roy follows Maya to three countries (Thailand, United States, and India), along a difficult journey as she struggles to maintain her faith while fighting for personal liberation.

Mohammed Rafi Fan Blog 2017

Mohammed Rafi Fan Blog is a film that examines two events in my paternal family’s history related to the legendary Bollywood playback singer Mohammed Rafi. The first of these moments takes place in 1958 when Mohammed Rafi was invited to Cochin to sing at my grandparents wedding. Along with a performance of his hit songs from the period, Rafi sang a song specially composed for the occasion. Recordings of this were made and eventually lost. The other event began in 2008 when my uncle Parvez founded a blog dedicated to the singer. After collecting and sharing information related to the singer and being active on various online forums around him, my uncle eventually deleted the blog in 2014. In the absence of the records and the blog, the film sets out to trace the story around these two objects all the while reflecting on my family’s relationship to the various technological documents encountered in their homes.

Golden Collection: Mohammed Rafi: Rare Gems: Vol. 1

Relive some of the Bollywood's greatest moments with this compilation of more than 20 clips by beloved singer Mohammed Rafi. Tracks include "Govinda Aala Re Aala Zara Matki Sambhal" from Bluff Master, "Badan Pe Sitare Lapete Hue" from Prince, "Gar Tum Bhula Na Doge" from Yakeen, plus hits from the classics Aaj Aur Kal, Naya Daur, Dil Leke Dekho, Tere Ghar Ke Samne and more.

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