Dark Rising 2007

A weekend camping trip turns into a frantic fight against the supernatural when an ancient demon and a fearsome female warrior bring their eternal battle into the present day. Jason Parks is trying to win back his ex-fiancee, Jasmine, by arranging a camping trip with the lost love in question, his best friend, Ricky, and their witchcraft-obsessed friend, Renee. Little does Jack realize that Jasmine has switched teams--these days she's more interested in seducing Renee than marrying the man she once loved. But lately Renee's been having horrible dreams about Summer Vale, a little girl who vanished without a trace 20 years ago. When Renee attempts to contact Summer's spirit, she inadvertently opens an interdimensional portal and unleashes a vicious demon. Fortunately for the frightened campers, a grown-up, sword-wielding Summer manages to get through the portal as well, and sets out to slay the malevolent hell-spawn.

Guyver: Dark Hero 1994

Sean Barker became the unwilling host to an alien bio-armor known as the Guyver. A year ago he destroyed the Kronos Corporation, an organization of mutants who want the Guyver. Now he is trying to find why the Guyver unit forces him to fight and kill evil.

The Dark 1994

Something is alive beneath the surface of the graveyard. Something with the power to destroy and the power to heal. One man, a cop, is determined to kill this mysterious creature. Another, a scientist, is determined to capture and save this miraculous being. Stalking the creature in it's subterranean habitat, neither man is aware of the battle they are about to start. A battle for science, survival and revenge.

From the Dark 2014

The story centers on a young couple on a road trip through the Irish countryside who encounter an ancient force of evil.

Dark Waters 1944

Leslie Calvin, the sole survivor of a submarine accident, goes to her relatives in order to recover emotionally. Unfortunately she encounters various scam artists led by Mr. Sydney who intend to kill her and steal the family assets. Dr. George Grover helps Leslie to defeat Sydney.

Deep Dark 2015

Fantasy - A failed sculptor discovers a strange, talking hole in the wall. It has the power to fulfill his wildest dreams...and become his worst nightmare. - Mary McDonald-Lewis, Don Alder, Sean McGrath

The Dark Horse 2014

One-time Maori speed-chess champ, Genesis Potini, lives with a bi-polar disorder and must overcome prejudice and violence in the battle to save his struggling chess club, his family and ultimately, himself.

Dark Days 2000

A cinematic portrait of the homeless population who live permanently in the underground tunnels of New York City.

Dark Ride 2006

Ten years after he brutally murdered two girls, a killer escapes from a mental institution and returns to his turf, the theme park attraction called Dark Ride. About to crash his path are a group of college kids on a road trip who stumble across the park.

Dark House 2009

A troupe of actors hired for a haunted house attraction soon find that they are working in a true house of horror.

Dark Signal 2016

The spirit of a murdered girl returns with a message. Now a stranded woman must team up with the staff of a local station to solve the mystery of her death.

Dark Was the Night 2014

An evil is unleashed in a small town when a logging company sets up shop in the neighboring woods. Isolated and threatened, a mysterious force hidden within the trees outside the small town of Maiden Woods, strikes fear in the townspeople as Sheriff Paul Shields attempts to overcome the demons of his past while protecting those that he loves.

Dark Horse 2011

Abe is a man who is in his thirties and who lives with his parents. He works regretfully for his father while pursuing his hobby of collecting toys. Aware that his family doesn't think highly of him, he tries to spark a relationship with Miranda, who recently moved back home after a failed literary/academic career. Miranda agrees to marry Abe out of desperation, but things go awry.

Cold & Dark 2005

When Detective Mortimer Shade is somehow killed in a freezer, a parasite called a grail possesses his body, revives him, but he needs blood to stay alive. His partner John Dark accepts the new situation and together they become vigilantes, judging and killing the bad guys, with Shade sucking their blood with his claw. However, Dark notes that Shade is losing the rest of his humanity and becoming a monster, being aware and afraid of the danger Shade represents to mankind and trying to stop him.

A Shot in the Dark 1964

A Shot in the Dark is the second and more successful film from the Pink Panther film series where both animated and real life sequences are mixed. A cult classic from Blake Edwards based on the play L’Idiot by Marcel Achard and Harry Kurnitz.

The Dark Hours 2005

Dr. Samantha Goodman is a beautiful, young psychiatrist. Burnt out, she drives to the family’s winter cottage to spend time with her husband and sister. A relaxing weekend is jarringly interrupted when a terrifying and unexpected guest arrives. What follows is an extraordinary night of terror and evil mind games where escape is not an option.

Dark House 2014

A young man sets out on a trip that takes him to an abandoned mansion that holds the origins of his dark family legacy.

Dark Web 2017

An anthology compiled from short horror films involving the internet.

Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters 2019

Angler and biologist Jeremy Wade uncovers the bizarre, the weird and the mysterious as he investigates baffling, unsolved mysteries beneath the surface of dark waters.

Dark of Night

Dark of Night is an American dramatic anthology series that aired on the now-defunct DuMont Television Network which aired Fridays at 8:30pm EST from October 3, 1952 to May 1, 1953. The series starred mostly unknown actors. Each episode was filmed at a different location in the New York City area. According to Brooks and Marsh, locations included a Coca-Cola bottling plant, Brentano's book store in Manhattan, a castle in New Jersey, and the American Red Cross Blood Bank.

Dark Haven High 2017

On the surface, Dark Haven High is an elite school with top notch credentials. But behind closed doors, it’s hiding a deep, dark secret: half the school’s population is part of a genetic experiment. Adolescence is triggering not only the usual teen horrors (pimples, mood swings, hair in weird places), but mutations lying dormant in the students’ DNA. Suddenly there are monsters, clones, lizard people and werewolves roaming the halls, not to mention ordinary teens with extraordinary abilities (invisibility, telekinesis, killer mucus, vengeful ponytails and the ability to send and receive wifi from their brains, for starters). Confused, scared and often dangerous, these mutant teens are running amok at school… and our freshmen heroines are the only ones who can track them down and find out what’s really going on.

Poker After Dark 2007

Poker After Dark is an hour-long poker television program on NBC. The show made its debut on January 1, 2007, and was cancelled on September 23, 2011 following the "Black Friday" criminal case, which involved major sponsor Full Tilt Poker as one of the defendants. For its first two seasons, both of which originally aired in 2007, the show was presented by Shana Hiatt. The host for season 3 was Marianela Pereyra, and Leeann Tweeden took over starting with season 4. All seasons have contained voice-over commentary by Oliver "Ali" Nejad. The program returned to American television over the NBC Sports Network on March 5, 2012 with previously aired repeats, with unaired episodes from season 7 airing for the first time beginning June 4, 2012. NBCSN schedules the show on weeknights at midnight, although the start time varies due to overruns by sporting events.

Boxing After Dark

Boxing After Dark is an HBO boxing program, premiering in April 1996, that usually shows fights between well-known contenders, but usually not "championship" or "title" fights. Unlike its sister program, HBO World Championship Boxing, BAD features fighters who are usually moving up from ESPN's Friday Night Fights or another basic cable boxing program. This is where fighters are given their start to become famous depending on how well they fare on BAD they might have a title fight on World Championship Boxing or could fall back It usually airs at least once a month, following a World Championship Boxing card on HBO. Boxing After Dark debuted on HBO Canada beginning January 17, 2009 at 9:45 p.m. ET/7:45 p.m. MT

Canada After Dark

Canada After Dark was Canada's first late-night comedy/variety talk show. It was hosted by Paul Soles and aired on CBC Television from September 18, 1978 to January 26, 1979. The show was repackaged from the failed, more informational 90 Minutes Live. Executive producer Alex Frame and producer Bob Ennis decided to try a show that would be comparable to The Tonight Show instead, changing the name of the show to Canada After Dark and replacing host Peter Gzowski with veteran comedic actor Soles. The new show would last for less than half a season. The Royal Canadian Air Farce parodied the show with skits called "Clark In The Dark", featuring then-Prime Minister Joe Clark acting as "host" from the gallery of an empty House Of Commons. The skits were revived after Clark returned to politics in the late 1990s.

Videos After Dark 2019

Featuring home videos with an edgier twist. A show where the hits are a little harder, the language a bit saltier, the animals a little less cute, the kids a tad less adorable and the embarrassing moments more revealing.

Martin After Dark

Martin After Dark was a musical-talk show aired on GMA Network from 1988 to 1993 and ABS-CBN from 1993 to 1998. During its ABS-CBN years, the show was aired from Studio 2. And also, Louie Ocampo was the musical director of the show throughout its 10-year run on both networks.

Dating in the Dark 2009

Dating in the Dark is a dating game show that has been airing on Sky Living since 9 September 2009. It was narrated by Scott Mills for series 1 and 2, then Sarah Harding took over as presenter for series 3.

Josh Gates: After Dark 2017

Josh Gates sets out to experience everything notable locales have to offer from sunset to sunrise.

The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler 2012

Adolf Hitler is infamous today as a war criminal - arguably one of the worst war criminals in history. Yet during the 1930s he was loved by millions of Germans. How was this possible? In this fascinating series, award-winning historian and documentary maker Laurence Rees examines the background to Hitler's 'charismatic' rule.

Leap in the Dark

Leap in the Dark was a British television anthology series with a supernatural theme. It was broadcast on BBC 2. It ran for 4 seasons - in 1973, 1975, 1977 and 1980 - and over 20 episodes were shown. The first season was documentary, subsequent episodes consisted of docudramas re-enacting real-life cases of paranormal occurrences.

Fire in the Dark

A family confronts feelings of guilt and stress when they realize that they must place their aging parent in a nursing home.

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