Alone in the Dark 2008

A lonely creature discovers a young girl has become lost in his cave. He traps her, hoping that she will look past his harsh exterior and love him. Just when it seems as if he's gotten his wish, his violent nature lashes out at her, scaring her away, and leaving him alone once more.

The Dark Red 2019

A young woman is committed to a psychiatric hospital and claims her newborn was stolen by a dark cult.

The Dark Redemption 1999

Set two days before the events of Episode Four in the Star Wars series of films. In this fan-produced movie, Jedi Mara Jade has received a copy of the Death Star plans, which she must somehow get to the rebel forces. Unfortunately, she is being held prisoner by the Empire, and only two rebel soldiers, Zev and Klaus, can save her. As if breaking into an Imperial prison and getting the plans wasn't hard enough, bounty hunter Boba Fett is also in the neighborhood to complicate matters.

Eyes in the Dark 2010

Secret video files just discovered on an FBI server prove that the government has been hiding unexplained disappearances and a dangerous presence in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

Lost in the Dark 2007

A young girl, who has recently lost her eyesight to a degenerative disease, struggles to outwit an escaped convict who has taken refuge in her grandmother's cabin during a ferocious snowstorm.

Batbabe: The Dark Nightie 2009

When heartless supercriminal the Jerker steals Bacchum City's entire supply of adult movies, lusty crime-fighter Batbabe (Darian Caine) strips down and steps up to vanquish the villain and get Bacchum's lifeblood flowing once again. But just how far will Batbabe go to restore passion to the streets? And what's the connection between Batbabe and mysterious strip club owner Wendy Wane? John Bacchus directs this titillating romp.

Bettie Page: Dark Angel 2004

Bettie Page was America's number one pin-up girl in the 1950s and became a cult icon. This biopic tells the story of the last 3 years of her short-lived career, recreating the incriminating bondage films which gave her the nickname "Dark Angel", and led to her mysterious disappearance.

The Dark Within 2019

A disturbed man with unknown psychic abilities tries to unravel the mystery of his parent's disappearance while battling his own demons.

The Dark Side of The Moon 1990

It is the year 2022. A mysterious systems failure causes the crew of a spaceship to be stranded on the dark side of the moon, while rapidly running out of fuel and oxygen. They are surprised to discover a NASA space shuttle floating in space, and board it in the hope of salvaging some supplies. One by one, the crew is possessed and killed, and it is up to Paxton Warner to find the links between the dark side of the moon, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Devil himself.

Dark Hazard 1934

Jim is a compulsive gambler. He meets Marge at a boarding house and they get married. His gambling causes problems. When he runs into old flame Valerie Marge leaves him. After a few years he returns, but she is now in love with old flame Pres. Jim buys racing dog Dark Hazard and makes a fortune which he loses on roulette.

Dark Times 2010

It's Christmas time in Tallahassee, and the employees of the Blue Skies Nuclear Power plant are gearing up for the best holiday party ever. However, after a reactor meltdown, and total evacuation, they'll soon find out that the woods this year aren't exactly filled with Holiday Cheer.

Lady in the Dark 1944

A neurotic editor (Ginger Rogers) sees a psychoanalyst about the adman (Ray Milland), movie star (Jon Hall) and other man in her life.

In Dark Places 1997

A vengeful woman lures her half brother into a game that may leave her the sole heir to their abusive father's fortune.

Dancin' Thru the Dark 1990

Linda's out on her hen night, her fiance is out on his stag night. Linda is having major doubts about getting married, when both groups arrive at a club, to find the band fronted by her ex-boyfriend—and the love of her life—Peter. Linda has to decide: Does she stay and settle down, like her friends want her to, or does she chuck it all in and run away with Peter?

The Dark Power 1985

The spirits of dead Indians are haunting a couple's house, and they call in an exorcist, whose trademark is a black whip, to get rid of them.

Dark Arc 2004

A mysterious comedy about love, lust, art and the power of the "charged image", Dark Arc follows the eccentric love triangle between an artist, a graphic designer and their inspiring muse

The Dark Knight 2011

In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by feuding warlords, a group of desperate soldiers hatch a plan to steal a Warlord's treasure and start a new life. Faced with the threat of a horrific death at the hands of the Warlord's executioners, the men escape into a desolate and forbidden land known only as the Shadowlands. Now the men must flee from the Warlord's vicious assassins while defending themselves from the terrifying creatures that inhabit the land.

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