De Dominee 2004

Amsterdam, 1970s. A wealthy grammar school student Klaas and his friend start trafficking hash and become entangled in the brutal criminal scene.

Dominee Tienie 2018

After sixteen years as the reverend of the mother church, Tienie Benade is confronted with a steep decline in the number of churchgoers and a modern society that is rapidly changing. Do clergymen, or even the church, still have a role to play in this world? He is trying his best to adapt and make sense of the changes, but, in the process, he is alienating his wife and children. After an incident with a dying vagrant, Tienie finds himself at a crossroads. Will he be able to regain his self-confidence and win back the love of his family and will he be brave enough to provide guidance to his congregation in this new era? Based on the play by Dana Snyman.

Domineering 1982

When the patriarch of Japan's most powerful yakuza family is shot, his wife is left to pick up the pieces and carry on the legacy.

The Domineering Male 1940

This Pete Smith Specialty looks at the notion that a man chases a woman till he catches her. Who's really chasing whom?

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