A Tale of Two Cities 1935

The exciting story of Dr. Manette, who escapes the horrors of the infamous Bastille prison in Paris. The action switches between London and Paris on the eve of the revolution where we witness 'the best of times and the worst of times' - love, hope, the uncaring French Aristocrats and the terror of a revolutionary citizen's army intent on exacting revenge.

A Tale of Two Cities 1958

British barrister Sydney Carton lives an insubstantial and unhappy life. He falls under the spell of Lucie Manette, but Lucie marries Charles Darnay. When Darnay goes to Paris to rescue an imprisoned family retainer, he becomes entangled in the snares of the brutal French Revolution and is himself jailed and condemned to the guillotine. But Sydney Carton, in love with a woman he cannot have, comes up with a daring plan to save her husband.

A Tale of Two Cities 1911

A condensed silent film version of the Charles Dickens classic about the French Revolution and its subsequent Reign of Terror.

A Tale of Two Cities 1980

Dissolute barrister Sydney Carton becomes enchanted and then hopelessly in love with the beautiful Lucie Manette. But Lucie loves and marries Charles Darnay, and remains oblivious to Carton's undimmed devotion to her. When Darnay is ensnared in the deadly web of the French Revolution and condemned to die by the guillotine, Sydney Carton concocts a dangerous plot to free the husband of the woman he loves.

A Tale of Two Cities 1917

At the outbreak of the French Revolution, Charles Darnay goes to Paris to rescue an imprisoned former family servant. He is himself imprisoned and condemned by the revolutionary forces there. His wife, the former Lucie Manette, is secretly loved by a gentlemanly wastrel, Sydney Carton. Carton embarks on a daring plan to save the husband of the woman he loves.

A Tale of Two Cities 2007

In A TALE OF TWO CITIES, Jem Cohen, who for more than twenty years has been building a steadily growing archive of various city views, street scenes and portraits, has connected images from his hometown of New York and of Vienna. Increasingly, the obvious and well-known differences in the architecture and streets are neutralized; the locations – an empty stairwell here, a busy street there – exchange shape and quality. The most irritating images are those of white, lifeless faces: filmed in the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Vienna, the dead eyes of Vienna stare back, as silent witnesses, at the viewer.

A Tale of Two Cities: In Concert

Two men in love with the same woman. Two cities swept up by revolution. Charles Dickens' classic Live in concert. Experience the acclaimed Broadway production - now on tour worldwide - and capture all the thrills and romance of this timeless tale in this once-in-a-lifetime event. Featuring members of the acclaimed Original Broadway Cast. Narrated by Michael York. Special song selection 'Never Say Goodbye' and 'Without A Word' performed by Brandi Burkhardt and Michael York interviews Charles Dickens' heir Lucinda Dickens Hawksley. This is a rare Broadway musical performance on home video. The production and creative team are part of Les Miserables original Broadway cast. The performance was aired on PBS. The musical is currently on tour worldwide, including Europe and Japan starring a top shelf cast of Broadway veterans.

Sitka and Juneau: 'A Tale of Two Cities' 1940

Sitka, established just over a century ago, was the capital of what was then called New Russia, but what is now better known as Alaska. Many remnants of Russian culture and rule remain, which is interspersed with more western and native influences. Today, it is the oldest town in this region of Alaska with approximately 1,700 residents, most of who depend upon the fishing industry for their livelihood. In contrast to Sitka is the city of Juneau, which no more than half century ago was only a gold miners' camp, but which is now a small metropolis of 6,000 inhabitants - which is similar in feel to any like sized town in the continuous United States - and the new capital of Alaska. The Alaska Juneau mine is still an important business in the area. Because of the lack of roads connecting Juneau to the rest of the state, and the fact that the roads that are there are largely closed in the winter, air service in and out of Juneau Airport is important for the viability of the region.

The Irish Rock Story: A Tale of Two Cities 2015

This musical celebration charts the lives and careers of some of the biggest selling acts in Irish rock, punk and pop from Van Morrison and Thin Lizzy to The Undertones and U2. From the pioneers of the showbands touring in the late 50s through to the modern day, the film examines their lineage and connections and how the hardcore, rocking sound of Belfast merged with the more melodic, folky Dublin tradition to form what we now recognise as Irish rock and pop.

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities 2018

A Taipei doctor and a San Francisco engineer swap homes in a daring pact, embarking on journeys filled with trials, secrets and unexpected encounters.

A Tale of Two Cities 1989

A pair of lookalikes, one a former French aristocrat and the other an alcoholic English lawyer, fall in love with the same woman amongst the turmoil of the French Revolution.

The Tower: A Tale of Two Cities 2007

The Tower: A Tale of Two Cities is a British television documentary series based on the Pepys estate in Deptford, south-east London. The eight-part series premiered on 25 June 2007, on BBC One. In 2004, Lewisham council sold one of three adjacent public housing tower blocks on the economically deprived Pepys Estate to a private property developer. The tower was converted into luxury apartments and sold to people who, for the most part, did not grow up in the local area. The documentary was filmed over three years and chronicled the difficulties faced by some of the local residents in adapting to the changes sweeping the neighbourhood. Notable characters included heroin-addicted Leol and his alcoholic best friend Nicky, and the landlord of the local pub who is struggling with the challenges of satisfying his conservative 'old guard' and tempting the new arrivals - mostly young and relatively wealthy - into his traditional boozer. The Tower: A Tale of Two Cities won the best factual series BAFTA award in 2008.

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