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Title : Stay Away from Me

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Cast : Enrico Brignano (Jacopo Leone), Ambra Angiolini (Sara), Anna Galiena (Lorenza Bra), Giampaolo Morelli (Mirko), Fabio Troiano (Fabrizio), Giorgia Cardaci (Sofia), Giorgio Colangeli (padre di Jacopo), Gianna Paola Scaffidi (madre di Jacopo), Massimiliano Vado (Guido), Fabrizia Sacchi (Simona), Simona Caparrini (Giulia, moglie sottomessa), Michele Gammino (), Alex Cendron (), Lucio Patané (), Bruno Pavoncello (), Carol Visconti ()

Movie Plot : Jacopo (Enrico Brignano) has a serious problem. He may be a brilliant marriage guidance counsellor, but he can never manage to have a steady relationship for more than two weeks. And for good reason: since he was very young, Jacopo has been cursed and brought bad luck to every woman who has fallen in love with him. Really bad luck. Because of this, he has vowed to stay away from women, for their own good. But the moment he lays eyes on Sara (a radiant Ambra Angiolini, The Immature and The Immature: The Trip) at a friend’s birthday party, he is smitten. Despite his resistance, the two fall head over heels leading to back-to-back, laugh-out-loud moments of disaster! Sara will quickly learn the consequences of her choice as the limits of her love are put to the test in this smart, stylish and very loveable romantic comedy.

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