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Title : DGK: Parental Advisory

Genre : Documentary

Cast : Wade Desarmo (Himself), Josh Kalis (Himself), Marcus McBride (Himself), Marquise Henry (Himself), Dane Vaughn (Himself), Rodrigo TX (Himself), Derrick Wilson (Himself), Dwayne Fagundes (Himself), Keelan Dadd (Himself), Lenny Rivas (Himself), Jack Curtin (Himself), Stevie Williams (Himself), Beanie Sigel (Ronnie), Steven Fernandez (Himself), Brandon Woxland (Mini Kalis), Daniel Todd (Mini Wade), Gareth Surjue (Mini Marquise), Aramis Hudson (Mini Keelan), Angel Aparicio (Mini Lenny), Matt Harbin (Mini TX), Lil Niqo (Mini Stevie), Asap Yams (Himself), Steven Strong (Mini Derek), Javan Henery (Mini Dwayne), Ash'chen Hudson (Mini McBride), Jackson Parker (Mini Curtin), Vanessa Veasley (Waitress), Fabian Alomar (Officer Alomar), Danny Minnick (Officer Minnick)

Movie Plot : Follow the DGK team and a group of young skaters as they make their way through one of the most dirty ghetto days imaginable. Filled with twist and turns, celebrity cameos, and amazing skateboarding; Parental Advisory not only showcases the DGK crew and lifestyle, but also gives a glimpse into what goes on inside the mind of a real dirty ghetto kid - parents beware!

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