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Title : Bhai-Bhai

Genre :

Cast : Ashok Kumar (Ashok Kumar), Kishore Kumar (Raj Kumar (Raja)), Nirupa Roy (Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar (Ashok's wife)), Nimmi (Rani), Shyama (Sangeeta), Om Prakash (Bulbul), David Abraham Cheulkar (Baba), Daisy Irani (Munna), Shivraj (Dayashankar Kumar), Master Chhotu (), Master Arun (), Roop Kumar ()

Movie Plot : A rich businessman, Dayashankar Kumar (Shivraj), who is a widow, lives with his two young sons Ashok and Raj. When he catches the younger boy Raj stealing money, he punishes him and threatens to cut off his fingers. A frightened Raj runs away from home. Years pass and the older brother Ashok (Ashok Kumar), becomes the owner of his father's business and property, running Superior Motors, which also extends to Bombay. Ashok is married to Lakshmi (Nirupa Roy) and is a caring and loving husband. They have a young son, Munna (Daisy Irani).

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