"Desert Saints" Full Movie

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Title : Desert Saints

Genre : Thriller, Action

Cast : Kiefer Sutherland (Arthur Banks), Melora Walters (Bennie Harper), Shawn Woods (Larson), Christopher Bersh (Thug in Black), Rachel Ticotin (Dora), Beth Grant (Lou), Jamey Sheridan (Agent George Scanlon), Leslie Stefanson (Agent Donna Marbury)

Movie Plot : Kiefer Sutherland is a hard-edged hit man. Known as the world's best professional killer, Sutherland is living a life of detached solitude when he is given an assignment that pairs him up with a sultry hitchhiker (Melora Walters). Before long, he finds there is more to her than meets the eye, as he becomes entangled deeper and deeper into a web of fatal lies and double-crosses.

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