"Gunslinger's Revenge" Full Movie

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Title : Gunslinger's Revenge

Genre : Western

Cast : Leonardo Pieraccioni (Doc), Harvey Keitel (Johnny), David Bowie (Sikora), Alessia Marcuzzi (Mary), Michelle Gomez (donna del locale), Sandrine Holt (Perla), Jim van der Woude (Joshua), Valentina Carnelutti (1à ballerina), Cristina Moglia (2à ballerina), Clive Kneller (Slim), Rosalind Knight (Miss Willow), Donald Hodson (Sindaco)

Movie Plot : The idealistic lifestyle of an old West farmer, his Indian wife, and half-breed son is interrupted when the boy's old gunslinger father returns. They are not happy with his return despite the old gunslinger's intention to retire. Things take a turn for the worse when another gunslinger arrives in town, trying to force a battle with the father.

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