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Title : Liberxina 90

Genre : Science Fiction

Cast : Serena Vergano (Sandra), William Pirie (Luis), Edward Meeks (Doc), Romy (Romy), Óscar Pellicer (Alfonso), Manuel Bronchud (Inspector), Francisco Chuliá (), Bet Galli (), Carmen Galli (), Marcelino Gili (), Román Gubern (Director del psiquiátrico), Jorge Herralde (), Marcel Marti (), Carlos Otero (Hombre de los lavabos), Jaume Picas (Empleado del psiquiátrico), Pilar Requena ()

Movie Plot : A drug has been discovered, Liberxina 90, which will erase "establishment" conditioning from the human mind. It has fallen into the hands of some diversely anarchistic revolutionaries who spend most of the film discussing how and whether to use it; should they wait for the forces of "history" to undermine society or speed things up using the drug? They are finally forced into action by the police who are, somewhat ineptly, hunting them down.

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