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Title : Thanos and Despina

Genre : Drama

Cast : Olga Karlatos (Despoina), George Dialegmenos (Thanos Zekos), Lambros Tsangas (Yankos), Elli Xanthaki (Katina), Tzavalas Karousos (Vlahopoulos), Dimos Starenios (Karavidas), Nikiforos Naneris (Pericles), Maria Konstadarou (Loula), Joly Garbi (Mme. Vlahopoulos), Nasos Kedrakas (Papadimas), Vasos Andronidis (), Giannis Argyris (Haralambos)

Movie Plot : Katina, an impoverished Greek woman, tries to arrange the marrage of her shepherd son, Thanos, to Despina, the daughter of a wealthy landowner. But when Despina's father, Vlahopoulos refuses to give his blessings and wants Despina to marry a more wealthy gentleman, named Yankos. The wealthy and spoiled Yankos plots to break up the romantic union between Thanos and Despina any way posible while the young lovers plot to run away in a futile attempt to being a new life for themselves.

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