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Title : Funny Face

Genre : Music, Comedy, Romance

Cast : Audrey Hepburn (Jo Stockton), Fred Astaire (Dick Avery), Kay Thompson (Maggie Prescott), Michel Auclair (Pr Emile Flostre), Robert Flemyng (Paul Duval), Dovima (Marion), Suzy Parker (Specialty Dancer (Think Pink Number)), Sunny Hartnett (Specialty Dancer (Think Pink Number)), Jean Del Val (Hairdresser), Virginia Gibson (Babs), Sue England (Laura), Ruta Lee (Lettie), Alex Gerry (Dovitch), Bess Flowers (Fashion Show Spectator), Iphigenie Castiglioni (Armande), Bert Stevens (Guest at Aborted Fashion Show), Harold Miller (Guest at Aborted Fashion Show), Franklyn Farnum (Guest at Duval's Fashion Show)

Movie Plot : A shy Greenwich Village book clerk is discovered by a fashion photographer and whisked off to Paris where she becomes a reluctant model.

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