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Title : Mister 880

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Burt Lancaster (Steve Buchanan), Dorothy McGuire (Ann Winslow), Edmund Gwenn ('Skipper' Miller), Millard Mitchell ('Mac' McIntire), Minor Watson (Judge O'Neil), Howard St. John (Chief), Hugh Sanders (Thad Mitchell), James Millican (Olie Johnson), George Adrian (Carlos (uncredited)), Rico Alaniz (Carlos - Spanish Interpreter (uncredited)), Kathleen Hughes (Secretary (uncredited)), Larry Keating (James F. Lee - Skipper's Attorney (uncredited)), Frank O'Connor (Cigar Store Counterman), Bert Stevens (Man in Corridor), Arthur Tovey (Club Patron), Frank Wilcox (Mr. Beddington)

Movie Plot : The Skipper is a charming old man loved by all his neighbors. What they don't know is that he is also Mr. 880, an amateurish counterfeiter who has amazingly managed to elude the Secret Service for 20 years.

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