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Title : Dixie

Genre : Music, Comedy

Cast : Bing Crosby (Daniel Decatur Emmett), Dorothy Lamour (Millie Cook), Marjorie Reynolds (Jean Mason), Billy De Wolfe (Mr. Bones), Lynne Overman (Mr. Whitlock), Eddie Foy Jr. (Mr. Felham), Raymond Walburn (Mr. Cook), Grant Mitchell (Mr. Mason), Tom Herbert (Homer), Olin Howland (Mr. Deveraux (as Olin Howlin)), Robert Warwick (Mr. LaPlant), Fortunio Bonanova (Waiter), Brandon Hurst (Dignified Man in Audience), Willie Best (Steward (uncredited)), James Burke (Riverboat Captain (uncredited)), Ethel Clayton (Woman (uncredited)), Jimmy Conlin (Publisher (uncredited)), Tom Kennedy (Barkeeper (uncredited)), Paul McVey (Headwaiter (uncredited)), Charles R. Moore (News Vendor (uncredited)), Carl Switzer (Boy in Street (uncredited)), Norma Varden (Mrs. LaPlant (uncredited)), Bess Flowers (Woman in Audience (uncredited))

Movie Plot : A young songwriter leaves his Kentucky home to try to make it in New Orleans. Eventually he winds up in New York, where he sells his songs to a music publisher, but refuses to sell his most treasured composition: "Dixie." The film is based on the life of Daniel Decatur Emmett, who wrote the classic song "Dixie."

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