"Viva Cisco Kid" Full Movie

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Title : Viva Cisco Kid

Genre : Western

Cast : Cesar Romero (Cisco Kid), Jean Rogers (Joan Allen), Chris-Pin Martin (Gordito), Minor Watson (Jesse Allen), Stanley Fields (Boss), Nigel De Brulier (Old Mose), Harold Goodwin (Hank Gunther), Francis Ford (Proprietor), Charles Judels (Don Pancho), Jacqueline Dalya (Helena), Frank Darien (Express Agent), Willie Fung (Houseboy Wang), Harrison Greene (Frank Snodgrass Benson), Paul Kruger (Jack), Tom London (Town Marshal), Margaret Martin (Helena's Mother), Jim Mason (Henchman Lem), LeRoy Mason (Outlaw Leader), Mantan Moreland (Memphis - The Cook), Bud Osborne (Henchman Kennedy), Inez Palange (Maria), Paul Sutton (Henchman Joshua), Ray Teal (Josh - Stage Holdup Man), Eddy Waller (Stagecoach Driver), Hank Worden (Deputy)

Movie Plot : Cisco saves a stagecoach from being robbed and takes a shine to one of the passengers whose father is in cahoots with a vicious criminal who plans to murder him.

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