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Title : The Invisible Woman

Genre : Romance, Science Fiction, Comedy

Cast : Virginia Bruce (Kitty Carroll), John Barrymore (Professor Gibbs), Charles Ruggles (George), Oskar Homolka (Blackie), Edward Brophy (Bill), Donald MacBride (Foghorn), Margaret Hamilton (Mrs. Jackson), Shemp Howard (Frankie), Anne Nagel (Jean), Kathryn Adams (Peggy), Maria Montez (Marie), Charles Lane (Growley), Mary Gordon (Mrs. Bates), Thurston Hall (Hudson), John Howard (Richard Russell), Eddie Conrad (Hernandez), Harry C. Bradley (Want-Ad Clerk), Kernan Cripps (Postman), Sarah Edwards (Showroom Buyer), Kay Leslie (Model), Kay Linaker (Showroom Buyer), Frank McLure (Guest at Parade of Models), Kitty O'Neil (Mrs. Patten)

Movie Plot : A sexy model volunteers to be a test subject for a new invisibility machine. But does she have ulterior motives?

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