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Title : Forbidden Valley

Genre : Western

Cast : Noah Beery, Jr. (Ring Hazzard), Frances Robinson (Wilda Lanning), Robert Barrat (Ramrod Locke), Fred Kohler (Matt Rogan), Alonzo Price (Indian Joe), Samuel S. Hinds (Jeff Hazzard), Stanley Andrews (Hoke Lanning), Spencer Charters (Dr. Scudd), Charles Stevens (Blackjack), Soledad Jiménez (Meetah), Margaret McWade (Mrs. Scudd), Henry Hunter (Bagley), John Ridgely (Duke Lafferty), James Foran (Brandon), Ferris Taylor (Sheriff Walcott)

Movie Plot : In this youth-oriented western, a young man's father is wrongfully accused of murder. Unfortunately, his pa can't prove it and so flees into the rugged mountains. He brings his boy with him. In those lonely hills lives a sad, but wealthy young woman. Love blossoms between the son and the girl as the son struggles to clear his father's name and bring the real villains to justice.

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