"Rasputin and the Empress" Full Movie

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Title : Rasputin and the Empress

Genre : Drama, History

Cast : Ethel Barrymore (Czarina Alexandra), Lionel Barrymore (Grigori Rasputin), Ralph Morgan (Czar Nicholas II), John Barrymore (Prince Paul Chegodieff), Diana Wynyard (Princess Natasha), Tad Alexander (The Czarevitch), C. Henry Gordon (Grand Duke Igor), Edward Arnold (Doctor Remezov), Henry Armetta (Photographer (uncredited)), Mischa Auer (Butler Pouring Drinks at Party (uncredited)), Louise Closser Hale (Lazy Spoiled Woman (uncredited)), Nigel De Brulier (Priest (uncredited)), Dale Fuller (Minor Role (uncredited)), Brandon Hurst (Staff General (uncredited)), George Irving (Minor Role (uncredited)), Henry Kolker (Chief of Secret Police (uncredited)), Eily Malyon (Woman Yelling 'Blessed Among Women!' (uncredited)), Eric Mayne (Aristocrat at Ball (uncredited)), Louis Natheaux (Rasputin's Security Official at Party (uncredited)), Dave O'Brien (Soldier (uncredited)), Sarah Padden (Duna the Landlady (uncredited)), Jean Parker (Princess Maria (uncredited)), Anne Shirley (Princess Anastasia (uncredited)), Martha Sleeper (Party Girl (uncredited)), Gustav von Seyffertitz (Dr. Franz Wolfe (uncredited)), Leo White (Reveler at Party (uncredited)), Clarence Wilson (Minor Role (uncredited))

Movie Plot : The story of corrupt, power-hungry, manipulative Grigori Rasputin's influence on members of the Russian Imperial family and others, and what resulted.

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