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Title : Rasputin and the Empress

Genre : Drama, History

Cast : Ethel Barrymore (Czarina Alexandra), Lionel Barrymore (Grigori Rasputin), John Barrymore (Prince Paul Chegodieff), Ralph Morgan (Czar Nicholas II), Tad Alexander (The Czarevitch), Diana Wynyard (Princess Natasha), C. Henry Gordon (Grand Duke Igor), Edward Arnold (Doctor Remezov), Nigel De Brulier (Priest (uncredited)), Jean Parker (Princess Maria (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Grigori Rasputin was a corrupt cleric who was accused of raping a nun, excessive drinking, and being power hungry. His influence on members of the Russian Imperial family, and of others in the aristocracy or otherwise in positions of power or authority, was unprecedented and troubling.

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