"Krüger aus Almanya" Full Movie

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Title : Krüger aus Almanya

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Horst Krause (Paul Krüger), Jörg Gudzuhn (Eckhardt), Gilbert von Sohlern (Herr Merseburger), Victoria Trauttmansdorff (Frau Merseburger), Floriane Daniel (Susanne), Caspar Fischer-Ortmann (Omar), Marie Gruber (), Fritz Roth (Bernd), Tim Seyfi (Murat)

Movie Plot : Berlin widower Paul Krüger, a retired ex-GDR stone mason (66), hates foreigner immigrants, especially Muslims. When his beloved, doting granddaughter Annie plans to marry Deniz, an ambitious student and waiter in Ankara who needs a visa for Germany, backward Paul and his buddy, publican Karin, go on Turkish 'holiday' so he can talk her out of it. But Deniz proves her only choice and probably a right one, even if countrymen and family win Paul's heart, as well as a resourceful preteen-thief, who proves an orphaned Syrian refugee. Paul even promises to plead with his counterpart, Deniz's family patriarch, who opposes him marrying a Christian infidel at pain of expulsion from the close clan.

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