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Title : The Stag

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Andrew Scott (Davin), Hugh O'Conor (Fionnan), Peter McDonald (The Machine), Brian Gleeson (Simon), Michael Legge (Little Kevin), Andrew Bennett (Big Kevin), Amy Huberman (Ruth), Marcella Plunkett (Uli), Justine Mitchell (Linda), Amy De Bhrún (Rachel), Amy Stephenson (Suzanne)

Movie Plot : At his fiancée’s urging, a very modern Irish groom-to-be reluctantly agrees to a stag weekend with his friends, camping in the western wilderness of Ireland. Much to their chagrin, these modern men are joined by the brother of the bride, a crazy, unpredictable alpha male known as “The Machine”, and an explosive Id to their collective Ego. The Machine is a force of nature, and under his leadership, the men—stripped of modern comfort, convenience and, finally, clothing—must begin their journey into the wild.

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