"Ernst & Bobbie en 'Het geheim van de Monta Rossa'" Full Movie

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Title : Ernst & Bobbie en 'Het geheim van de Monta Rossa'

Genre : Family

Cast : Gert-Jan van den Ende (Bobbie), Erik van Trommel (Ernst), Chava Voor in 't Holt (Indy), Ton Kas (Fedor)

Movie Plot : When Ernst & Bobbie visit a circusschool, a fire brakes out And a treasure is hidden but we don't know where.... But they find a film print that contains instructions where it is. A search to the treasure starts and hilarious adventures, more film prints with instructions appear. They entounter criminals Fedor and Indy on their way, travel with steam trains, and finally in the Mountains of Belgium they find the treasure on top of the mountain Monta Rossa. Just in time before Fedor and Indy arrive. They bring the treasure to the director of the circusschool, she now can start rebuilding the school!

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