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Title : Dr. Alemán

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Cast : August Diehl (Marc), Marleyda Soto (Wanda), Andrés Parra (Hector Luis), Hernán Méndez ()

Movie Plot : Marc, an unexperienced medical doctor from Germany arrives at the Hospital Universitario del Valle in Cali, Colombia for his internship and soon finds himself in-between a raging gang war in Siloé, a Cali barrio. In the hospital he has to care mostly for shotgun wounds, while in the streets he falls in love with a stall-holder who cares for some of the children involved in drug trafficking and criminal violence. Alienating his colleagues and his host family while befriending the kids, he soon finds himself trapped in the center of the violent conflict between the gangs and has to come to a decision.

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