"My Scary Girl" Full Movie

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Title : My Scary Girl

Genre : Drama, Comedy, Crime, Romance

Cast : Park Yong-woo (Hwang Dae-woo), Choi Kang-hee (Lee Mi-Na), Jung Kyung-ho (Kye-dong), Jo Eun-ji (Baek Jang-mi), Lee Hee-do (Lawyer Min)

Movie Plot : A man with no experience in the art of relationships, is encouraged by his friend to ask Lee Mina out on a date. Unexpectedly successful, he falls in love. When Lee Mina's ex-boyfriend shows up and ruins the new relationship, she takes matters into her own hands. A distraught Dae-Woo begins investigating Lee Mina's murky past and discovers a series of scary secrets.

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