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Title : Pride

Genre : Drama, Family

Cast : Terrence Howard (Jim Ellis), Bernie Mac (Elston), Kimberly Elise (Sue Davis), Tom Arnold (Bink), Brandon Fobbs (Puddin Head), Alphonso McAuley (Walt), Regine Nehy (Willie), Nate Parker (Hakim), Kevin Phillips (Andre), Scott Eastwood (Jake), Evan Ross (Reggie), Gary Anthony Sturgis (Franklin), Jesse Moore (Artrell), Carol Sutton (Ophelia), Tony Bentley (Race Official), Vance Strickland (Race Official (Mainline)), Louis Herthum (Coach Logan - 1964), Wayne Ferrara (Race Official (PDR)), George Sanchez (Starter - 1964), Anthony Bean (Ron Lincoln), Jim Ellis III (city worker), Harold Evans (Reverend), Catherine Shreves (Tv Reporter), Terence Rosemore (Black Maintenance Man)

Movie Plot : In this uplifting film based on a true story, coach Jim Ellis (Terrence Howard) shocks the community and changes lives when, aided by a local janitor (Bernie Mac), he sets out to form Philadelphia's first black swim team. But the odds are against them as they battle rigid rules, racism and more.

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