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Title : Gypo

Genre : Drama

Cast : Paul McGann (Paul), Pauline McLynn (Helen), Chloe Sirene (Tasha), Tamzin Dunstone (Kelly), Rula Lenska (Irina), Barry Latchford (Jimmy), Freddie Connor (Tasha's Husband), Tom Stuart (Darren), Olegar Fedoro (Tasha's Father), Sean Wilton (Art Tutor), Angelica O'Reilly (Prostitute), Rebecca Clow (Terminal Hostess), Ashley McGuire (Penny), Majid Iqbal (Illegal Worker), Josef Altin (Michael), Claire Angus (Irina's Neighbour), James Blanchard (Tall Bully), Clara Clow (Baby Jordan), Charlotte Edmundson (Katy)

Movie Plot : Gypo is the story of a working class family in Margate, Kent, a town where immigrants have become the focus of most of the public's discontent. The film tells the story of the a couple of weeks in this family's life, beginning when a young Czech girl, Tash, comes to visit. The film is made in the Dogme95 tradition, so no costumes, no lighting, no props or sets, which gives the film a gritty texture appropriate to the story.

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