"Carnaval no Fogo" Full Movie

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Title : Carnaval no Fogo

Genre : Music, Comedy

Cast : Anselmo Duarte (), Oscarito (), Grande Otelo (), José Lewgoy (), Eliana (), Adelaide Chiozzo (), Ruy Rey (), Modesto De Souza ()

Movie Plot : A gang, leaded by the unknown and mysterious Anjo, robs a jewelry and schedules a meeting in the Copacabana Palace Hotel, in Copacabana. The identification would be through a cigarette case with an angel, and the password "- Is everything all right?" Meanwhile, the director Ricardo is preparing a show for the carnival in the hotel with Marina, and they love each other. The janitor Serafim receives a letter from his unknown American brother, who will come to Rio to spend the carnival and meet him, and asks Eliana for a chance in the show, since his brother believes he is an artist. When Ricardo finds the cigarette case lost by Anjo in the entrance of the hotel, he is misidentified by the thieves, and this is the beginning of lots of confusion and fun.

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