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Title : The Stolen Years

Genre : Drama, Adventure

Cast : Jordi Mollà (Tomás), Ernesto Alterio (Jaime), Hedy Burress (Kathy), Allison Smith (Susan), Juan Echanove (Víctor Marquina), Josep Maria Pou (Roa), Samuel Le Bihan (Michel), Pepón Nieto (Velasco), Ana Rayo (Gloria), Pepo Oliva (Requena), Mario Vedoya (Matías), Juli Mira (Virgilio), Chema Mazo (Herrero), Mónica Cano (Mujer del Herrero), Vicente Díez (Maitre), Roger Delmont (Román), Jaume Bernet (Inspector), Ricard Borràs (Oficial), Carlos Heredia (Policía), Xavier Serrat (Presentador)

Movie Plot : Two students are arrested for painting revolutionary graffiti on the university walls. They escape from the camp and flee with two American girls, disguised as rich young men who are showing Spain to two tourists.

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