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Title : The Snowdrop Festival

Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama

Cast : Rudolf Hrušínský (Jarin Franc), Jaromír Hanzlík (Leli), Josef Somr (kapitán VB Vyhnálek), Petr Čepek (řezník), Miloslav Štibich (Jelínek), Petr Brukner (traktorista Janeček), Rudolf Hrušínský ml. (traktoristův pomocník), Evžen Jegorov (drogista), Bořík Procházka (Liman), Jiří Schmitzer (hostinský Láďa Novák), Marie Spurná (Novákova žena), Blažena Holišová (Francova žena), Libuše Šafránková (učitelka), Zdeněk Svěrák (řidič trabanta), Zdeněk Srstka (Adamec), Bohumil Hrabal (muž vynášející septik), Milada Štýbrová (dlouhovlasá tenistka)

Movie Plot : This movie is based on texts of Bohumil Hrabal, world-known Czech prosaic. It's a story (in a form of a mosaic of short episodes and pictures) about the sadness and happiness of inhabitants of Kersko (Kersko is a small woody area full of cottages and roods). These people are both simple and sensitive, they have their own pleasures (e.g. Leli is a collector of cheap, but inutile things) and the greatest delight of all of them is a hunting. Crude poetics of amateur hunting is screened by dreamy pictures of this area. Menzel mixes sentimental lyricism and rough (but not vulgar!) humor and the outcome is the never-ending landscape of continuous life in the proximate nearness of nature. The performances of actors are brilliant. Both Rudolf Hrusinsky as a Franz and Jaromír Hanzlik as a Leli have nonrecurring charm bottomed on a pain and inebriation. Only the music is not perfect: Jiri Sust usually assembled his film music from his older works and in this movie there is many quotations.

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