"But Where Is Daniel Wax?" Full Movie

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Title : But Where Is Daniel Wax?

Genre : Drama

Cast : Lior Yieniy (), Michael Lipkin (), Esther Zewko (), Yael Heffner (), Zivit Abramson (), Miriam Gavrieli (), Yosef Carmon (), Aliza Rosen (), Amnon Moskin (), Yishai Shahar ()

Movie Plot : 10 years after he left Israel and "played it big-time in America", Benny Shpitz returns for a visit, self-exploring his youth, friends, dreams, beliefs and idol, Daniel Wax, who symbolized the "beautiful Israeli". Shpitz finds out his friends are melancholic, unsatisfied with marriage life, hiding a vast hole in their sole. In a wider context, Israel post 67' will no longer be the society that it was meant to be.

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