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Title : Landfall

Genre : War, Drama

Cast : Michael Denison (Rick), Patricia Plunkett (Mona), Kathleen Harrison (Mona's Mother), Maurice Denham (Wing Commander Hewitt), Sebastian Shaw (Wing Commander Dickens), Denis O'Dea (Captain Burnaby), Laurence Harvey (PO Hooper), David Tomlinson (Binks), Joan Dowling (Miriam), Joss Ackland (O'Neil), Nora Swinburne (Admiral's Wife), Charles Victor (Mona's Father), A.E. Matthews (Air Raid Warden), Margaretta Scott (Mrs Burnaby), Paul Carpenter (PO Morgan), Edith Sharpe (Rick's Mother), Frederick Leister (Admiral), Walter Hudd (Professor Legge), Margaret Barton (Rick's Sister)

Movie Plot : A British coastal command pilot is charged with neglect when it is thought that he has sunk a British submarine rather than a German U-boat. Unable to live with his actions, he volunteers for a deadly mission. His girlfriend meanwhile tries to prove that he is innocent.

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