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Title : Jungle Goddess

Genre : Romance, Action, Adventure, Crime

Cast : George Reeves (Mike Patton), Wanda McKay (Greta Vanderhorn), Ralph Byrd (Bob Simpson), Armida (Wanama), Smoki Whitfield (Oolonga the Witch Doctor), Dolores Castle (Yvonne), Rudy Robles (Nugara), Linda Leighton (Helen Phillips (as Linda Johnson)), Helena Grant (Mrs. Fitzhugh), Fred Coby (Pilot), Onest Conley (Drummer), Zack Williams (Chief M'benga), Jack Carroll (Accompanist), Reed Hadley (Radio Newscaster (uncredited)), Sam Harris (Bar Patron (uncredited)), William H. O'Brien (Bartender (uncredited))

Movie Plot : When a plane carrying the daughter of a millionaire crashes in an African jungle, two pilots set out to collect the reward. They discover that she has become the goddess of a primitive tribe. An insurgent witch doctor and fierce wild animals make escape from the jungle difficult for the trio.

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