"Outlaws of Santa Fe" Full Movie

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Title : Outlaws of Santa Fe

Genre : Western

Cast : Don Barry (Bob Conroy), Helen Talbot (Ruth Gordon), Twinkle Watts (Winky Gordon), Charles Morton (Jim Hackett), Wally Vernon (Buckshot Peters), LeRoy Mason (Trigger McGurn), Bud Geary (Steve, Henchman), Kenne Duncan (Henchman Chuck), Herbert Heyes (Henry Jackson), Nolan Leary (Mayor Ward), Walter Soderling (Judge Turner), Edmund Cobb (Marshal Billings), Frank McCarroll (Henchman Bill), Bob Kortman (Henchman Ed), Emmett Lynn (Saloon Drunk)

Movie Plot : After bank robber Bob Hackett (Don "Red" Barry) learns that his real father was a marshal, he reforms and travels with his pal Buckshot (Wally Vernon) to Santa Fe, where his father was killed. When he stands up to rustlers working for Henry Jackson (Herbert Heyes), Hackett is made the new marshal.

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