"Ridin' the Cherokee Trail" Full Movie

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Title : Ridin' the Cherokee Trail

Genre : Western

Cast : Tex Ritter (Texas Ranger Lieutenant Tex Ritter), Slim Andrews (Texas Ranger Slim (as 'Arkansas Slim' Andrews)), Forrest Taylor (Brad Craven), Betty Miles (Ruth Wyatt), Jack Roper (Henchman Squint), Fred Burns (Rancher Wyatt), Nolan Willis (Henchman Dirk Fargo), Gene Alsace (Henchman Bat), Bob Card (Texas Ranger Captain Wallace), Chick Hannan (Henchman Blackie), The Tennessee Ramblers (Texas Rangers / Musicians), Jack Gillette (Tennessee Rambler Fiddle Player), Harry Blair (Tennessee Rambler Guitar Player), 'Happy Tex' Martin (Tennessee Rambler Banjo Player), Cecil Campbell (Tennessee Rambler Steel Guitar Player), Kid Clark (Tennessee Rambler Accordion Player), White Flash (Tex's Horse), Victor Adamson (Barfly), Chuck Baldra (Rancher), Buzz Barton (Barfly), Tex Cooper (Rancher, Oklahoma Territory), Jack Evans (Barfly), Herman Hack (Barfly), Post Park (Carson), 'Snub' Pollard (Saloon Drunk), James Sheridan (Henchman), Jack C. Smith (Bartender), Bob Burns (Henchman)

Movie Plot : Singing cowboy Tex Ritter and his sidekick, Slim Andrews, star in this musical Western about a couple of Texas Rangers who defend the citizens of a small territory from power-hungry outlaws. Villain Bradley Craven (Forrest Taylor) is determined to stop the election process that would allow the region to join the Union. Tex and Slim join a rancher and his daughter to stop Craven, with fearless Tex going undercover to ensure that justice is served.

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