"Law of the Pampas" Full Movie

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Title : Law of the Pampas

Genre : Adventure, Western

Cast : William Boyd ('Hopalong' Cassidy), Russell Hayden ('Lucky' Jenkins), Sidney Toler (Don Fernando 'Ferdy' Maria Lopez Ramirez, aka 'El Melancolio'), Steffi Duna (Chiquita), Sidney Blackmer (Ralph Merritt), Pedro de Cordoba (Valdez), William Duncan (Buck Peters), Anna Demetrio (Dolores), Eddie Dean (Naples), Glenn Strange (Slim Schultz), Jo Jo La Savio (Ernesto), The King's Men (Singing Cowhands), Roy Brent (Henchman), Ken Darby (Member - The King's Men), Jon Dodson (Member - The King's Men), Martin Garralaga (Bolo-Carrier), Herman Hack (Rodeo Spectator), Bud Linn (Member - The King's Men), Johnny Luther (Henchman), Jack Montgomery (Barfly), Tex Phelps (Rodeo Spectator), George Plues (Rodeo Spectator), Rad Robinson (Member - The King's Men), Tony Roux (Gaucho), George Sowards (Henchman)

Movie Plot : Hoppy and Lucky are headed to South America to deliver a heard of cattle. Bay guy Ralph Merritt gets in their way. For a while.

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