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Title : Indianapolis Speedway

Genre : Action, Drama, Romance

Cast : Pat O’Brien (Joe Greer), Ann Sheridan (Frankie Merrick), John Payne (Eddie Greer), Frank McHugh (Spuds Connors), Gale Page (Lee Mason), Grace Stafford (Martha Connors), Granville Bates (Mr. Greer), John Ridgely (Ted Horn), Regis Toomey (Dick Wilbur), John Harron (Red), William B. Davidson (Duncan Martin), Edward McWade (Tom Dugan), Irving Bacon (Fred Haskill), Tommy Bupp (Haskill's Son), Charles Halton (Mayor), Robert Middlemass (Edward Hart), Billy Arnold (Himself), Sidney Bracey (Spectator), Nat Carr (Spectator), Glen Cavender (Extra on Dance Floor), Eddy Chandler (Racetrack Official), John Conte (Third Radio Announcer), Hal Craig (Dick's Mechanic), Ralph Dunn (Racetrack Official), Sol Gorss (Frank, Replaced Driving Mechanic), William Gould (Doctor), Creighton Hale (Racetrack Official), Sam Hayes (Second Radio Announcer), Stuart Holmes (Extra on Dance Floor), Reid Kilpatrick (Announcer at Tote Board), Monroe Lee (Baby), Bert Moorhouse (Nightclub Extra), Evelyn Mulhall (Mrs. Martin), Wendell Niles (First Radio Announcer), Patsy O'Byrne (Annoyed Woman at Homecoming), Ted Oliver (Racetrack Official), Eddie Parker (Pit Man), Paul Phillips (Driver), Georges Renavent (Headwaiter), John J. Richardson (Fan at Homecoming), Jeffrey Sayre (Racetrack Official), Garland Smith (Reporter), Elliott Sullivan (Jimmy, Ted's Mechanic), Russell Wade (Dance Extra), Billy Wayne (Stubby, a Pitman), Tom Wilson (Racetrack Official), Claude Wisberg (Bellboy), Jack Wise (Spectator)

Movie Plot : This 1939 drama, a reworking of the 1932 James Cagney film "The Crowd Roars", stars Pat O'Brien as a champion auto racer who unhappily learns his kid brother (John Payne) wants to enter the same profession rather than finish school.

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