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Title : Expensive Husbands

Genre : Romance, Comedy

Cast : Patric Knowles (Prince Rupert Heinrich Franz Von Rentzau), Beverly Roberts (Laurine Lynne), Allyn Joslyn (Joe Craig), Gordon Oliver (Ricky Preston), Vladimir Sokoloff (Herr Andrew Brenner), Eula Guy (Trommy, Laurine's Maid), Fritz Feld (Herr Meyer, Hotel Director), Ann Codee (Maria), George Humbert (Giovanni), Otto Fries (Franz, Buggy Driver), Sam Ash (Reporter), Glen Cavender (Austrian Policeman at Jail), Gino Corrado (Austrian Hotel Staff Member), Lester Dorr (Reporter), Eddie Graham (Photographer at Polo Game), Stuart Holmes (Castle Servant at End), Don Marion (Busboy), Frank Mayo (Motion Picture Director), Jack Mower (Frederick, Elevator Operator), Sandra Ramoy (Reporter), Janet Shaw (Telephone Operator), Rosella Towne (Brenner's Receptionist), Jeff York (Announcer at Polo Game), Robert Fischer (Joseph, Rupert's Servant)

Movie Plot : Unable to get work in her home country, Laurine Lynne (Beverly Roberts) travels to Vienna where her press agent, Joe Craig (Allyn Joslyn), convinces her to marry royalty. The lucky fellow is Prince Rupert (Patric Knowles), an impoverished nobleman now working as a waiter. Do the two of them fall in love despite this marriage of convenience?

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