"Ali Blue Eyes" Full Movie

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Title : Ali Blue Eyes

Genre :

Cast : Nader Sarhan (Nader), Stefano Rabatti (Stefano), Marian Valenti Adrian (Zoran), Brigitte Abruzzesi (Brigitte), Marco Conidi (Padre di Brigitte)

Movie Plot : Ostia, outskirts of Rome: the beach in winter. Two sixteen-year-old boys steal a scooter at 8 in the morning, then rob a store, all in time for getting to school at 9. Nader is Egyptian, but was born in Rome. Stefano is Italian and his best friend Brigitte, Nader’s girlfriend, is also Italian, but for this very reason Nader’s parents are against the match, and Nader runs away from home. The film describes a week in the life of a teenager who tries to subvert the values of his own family. Torn between his Arab and Italian identity, audacious and in love, like the hero of a contemporary fairy tale, Nader will have to put up with the cold, the loneliness, life on the street, hunger and fear, the flight from his enemies and the loss of his friends, before he can really understand who he is.

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