"Happiness Come On" Full Movie

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Title : Happiness Come On

Genre : Drama, Family

Cast : Yuri Adachi (), Kazuyuki Asano (), Masayuki Imai (), Yuma Ishigaki (Tetsuya), Yuki Kazamatsuri (), Sawa Suzuki (Fumie)

Movie Plot : In 2004, singer-songwriter Matsumoto Tetsuya wrote an autobiography that included a section about his relationship with his troubled mother. Writer-director Nakamura Daisuke adapts that story to film with Shiwase Come On, his directorial debut. The film covers the marriage of Tetsuya's mother and yakuza father, his mother's drug habit, his stay at an orphanage and his reconciliation with his mother after becoming an adult. In addition to writing and performing the film's theme song, Matsumoto Tetsuya also composed the score to this touching film. In 2011, Shiawase Come On won Grand Prix at the 2011 Okuradashi Film Festival, a film festival dedicated to screening unreleased Japanese films.

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