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Title : Border Café

Genre : Drama

Cast : Fereshteh Sadre Orafaiy (Reyhan), Parviz Parastui (Nasser), Nikos Papadopoulos (Zakario), Svieta Mikalishina (Svieta), Vantzos Konstantinos (), Esmail Soltanian (Oujan), Esmail Soltanian (Karim), Rana Karmanshahi (Leila), Zahra Jalilzadeh (Sara), Mehtab Talebi (Zoleykhah)

Movie Plot : A young widow takes over her late husband’s truck stop café, keeping hidden in the kitchen so as not to cause a scandal in Iran’s conservative society. But her brother-in-law, out of familial obligation, wants to take her as a wife and also take over the café. Meanwhile a Greek trucker who is a frequent café customer is slowly entranced — at first by her sublime cooking ability, and then by her.

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