"Ang Boyfriend Kong Gamol" Full Movie

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Title : Ang Boyfriend Kong Gamol

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Alice Dixson (Marlene Smith), Andrew E. (Tom Cruz), Tonton Gutierrez (Michael), Janno Gibbs (Ipe), Chuckie Dreyfuss (Bong), Patrick Guzman (Ronnie), Marjorie Barretto (Dorie), Barbara Perez (Marlene's Mother), Ruby Rodriguez (Patsy), Joy Ortega (Che-Che), Donna Cruz (Donna), Dencio Padilla (Don Carlo), Joji Isla (Clinton), Teresa Loyzaga (Tessa), Audra Bio (Cherie), Patricia Hernandez (Lorna), Ruel Vernal (Goliath), Babalu (Mang Pandong), Don Pepot (Announcer), Errol Dionisio (Referee), Reynaldo Castro (Lay Tan Nga), Ronald Asinas (Michael's Bodyguard), Mykell Chan (Michael's Bodyguard), Joel Lozano (Michael's Bodyguard)

Movie Plot : A rich woman, trying to fight poverty, disguises herself to infiltrate the poor community, only to fall in love with a man she meets there.

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