"Three Lives" Full Movie

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Title : Three Lives

Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance

Cast : Nato Vachnadze (Esma), Mikheil Gelovani (Bakhva), Dimitri Kipiani (Yeremia Tsarba), A. Lagzde (Salome), Zaqaria Berishvili (Meira, a dealer), Tamari Bolqvadze (Valida), Kote Miqaberidze (Batu), A. Kusikov (Mikirtumovi), V. Obolenski (Colonel Lebov), Tsetsilia Tsutsunava (Employer in Court), Vanda Polikevich (Madame Sally)

Movie Plot : Bakhva Pulava, a merchant from Poti fells in love with a poor tailor woman named Esma and marries her. At the same time, enchanted by her beauty, another man named Jeremiah Tsarba decides to kidnap her. When Esma refuses to share bed with him Jeremiah mercilessly kills her and when faced by accusations avoids punishment with the help of Valida, an influential nobleman’s daughter. Bakhva Pulava makes a decision to take justice into to his hands.

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