"Dead End" Full Movie

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Title : Dead End

Genre : Thriller, Action, Drama

Cast : Eric Roberts (Henry Smovinsky), Jacob Tierney (Adam Compton), Eliza Roberts (Maggie Furness), Jayne Heitmeyer (Katie Compton), Jack Langedijk (Lt. Lido), Lynne Adams (Sally), Frank Schorpion (Dennis), Larry Day (Burnett), Gouchy Boy (Arresting officer)

Movie Plot : After his ex-wife dies in a fall from her balcony, PoliceSgt. Henry Smovinsky gets custody of his troubled teenage son. Smovinsky soon finds out that his ex-wife was a high-class hooker, her death was not a suicide and that the police have chosen him as their prime suspect. Maggie Furness is the only cop willing to help him protect his son and track down the real killer.

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