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Title : J.A. Martin Photographer

Genre :

Cast : Monique Mercure (Rose-Aimee Martin), Marcel Sabourin (Joseph-Albert Martin), Marthe Thierry (Granma), Catherine Tremblay (Dolores Martin), Mariette Duval (Neighbor), Denis Hamel (Mathieu Martin), Stéphane L'Ecuyer (David Martin), Jacques Bilodeau (Hormidas Lambert), Colette Cortois (Mrs. Lambert), Marthe Nadeau (Aunt Aline), André St-Denis (The Habitant), Denise Proulx (Hotel's Owner), Robert Desroches (Hotel's Owner), Guy L'Ecuyer (Raoul), Charlie Beauchamp (The Old Man)

Movie Plot : The wife of photographer J.A. Martin decides to go with him in his tour of the hard Canadian countryside at the turn of the century. She hopes the intimacy will revive their marriage.

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