"Juan Moreira" Full Movie

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Title : Juan Moreira

Genre : Fantasy, History, Drama

Cast : Rodolfo Bebán (Juan Moreira), Pablo Cumo (Caudillo Acosta), Osvaldo De la Vega (), Augusto Kretschmar (), Carlos Muñoz (Marañón), Alba Múgica (The Dead), Elcira Olivera Garcés (La Vicenta), Eduardo Rudy (Teniente Alcalde)

Movie Plot : Juan Moreira is jailed for claiming his due. Upon his release takes vigilantism and signa definitely your destination: persecution and death. It joins the ranks of Alsina and enters policy committee. Betrayed is passed to the side of General Mitre. Amidst these political struggles, fraud and treachery, left to their own devices, you only have one option.

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